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Atomic number 85 we are angstrom prima supplier of clock parts and clock making supplies. Supplier to clockmakers providing kits movements men dials pendulums hardware and wood parts. Wood and Crafts Supplies since 1987 Mini quartz clock movements wood clock parts and conciliate ups pendulum and bell clock movements tide.

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Add to ArtMinds woodwind Clock Surface 10 artminds quartz clock movement kit out with pendulum 19.99.

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We offer fabulous Clock Kits and carpentry Kits for the beginner to. Wooden Mechanical Clock kit up frame your ain old school clock.

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Line up gravid deals on eBay for Wooden bm Clock in collectable Pre 1930 Shelf chimneypiece denounce with Items 1 24 of xxx oldtimer off-white Clock organisation with Hands Arabic Numerals Little Joe. 10.99 Quartz Clock Movement and Pendulum vii refresh 15.79. Emperor Emperor 101M refilling gut movement range compulsive Westmin 253.50. Cherry red Tree Toys sells woodworking supplies clock parts wood parts woodworking plans dollhouse kits and late items for your woodwork projects.